Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

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We are rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 424 reviews on Google.

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All the staff are extremely friendly, professional, and saw me in a timely manner. They were able to get me dual hearing aids approved through my insurance which in turn has opened me up to a world that I can hear once again. I will forever be thankful to be back to where I hear things such a laughter, my church choir singing, my pastor preaching. I never realized just how much I was missing until I put my hearing aids in

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Tina, on Google

very clean, lady's were very freindy! And the hole visit was great!

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James Petro, on Google

Excellent!!!! Dan takes the time to adjust your hearing aids so they are just right for you. He explains how they work together with your phone, and takes the time to answers your questions ! He is the best in the business!

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Debbie Kivela, on Google

They are very pleasant and tries very hard to get your hearing aids to work for each individual.

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Cheri Walker, on Google

My husband & I had a office visit today We can not say enough about the pleasant workers. Very clean invermont. Kept us informed the whole visit Made us feel very comfortable & by no means rushed as, so many do. Very knowledgeable & caring I would like to say thank you. We recommend them highly Give them a firm 5 wish I could give them more

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Vernita Curtin, on Google

They are always so kind and helpful whenever we've been there. They help all the way from A-Z. From the hearing tests to the perfect fit of hearing aids and setting up everything and the excellent support. I would recommend Holly's Hearing to all of my friends and family.

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dori white, on Google

I can't recommend them highly enough. Super friendly atmosphere. No rush no pressure. My Audioligist at the Chardon center was amazing. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Informed me of things about hearing correction I had no clue to even ask about. That's very important, because we don't really know all the nuances that go into the best hearing correction we are seeking. Other places might just try to make a sale and send you off. Here they back it up, with lifetime no-charge support. Very impressed with my experience.

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Jack McMillan, on Google

Holly's Hearing Air Center staff were very professional, thorough, and efficient! I was happy to hear that my ears are functioning well and not needing any audiology assistance. I recommend their services!

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Terry Schneider, on Google

Very professional and knowledgeable happy with my new hearing aids.

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Carol Joyce, on Google

Holly's is the place! They saved me over $3,000. Yes, you are reading that correctly. This is from a high-end retail company in a fancy glass building. I knew what I wanted, looked up on line what I should be paying, and Holly's Hearing did the rest. If you are saying 'what' alot.....give them a call. It's years later and still in awe of their sales, customer service and prices. Please call them....

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Rosi B (First Boomer), on Google

I was put in a hearing booth, given a hearing test, and provided with a professional explanation of my hearing. There was no high pressure tactics. Then went over with explanations of amy and all questions that my wife and I had. Courtney was the hearing tech I saw at the Holly's Hearing at their Mayfield branch. I highly recommend her.

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Gene Salem, on Google

I was very impressed. They did a great job!

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Joy Belle, on Google

You most definitely have a Five Star Rating from today's visit. Any questions and concerns were answered and resolved Immediately. . . Am looking forward to our next visit in the summer. . I will feel comfortable calling you with any questions in the future. . Keep up the team work!

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Elizabeth Benson, on Google

My visit at Holly's was very good. The test of both ears indicated the left ear could understand the words, but need assistance. The right ear can hear sound and words, but cannot distinguish the exact word or meaning. We were able to choose the cross hearing aids including the color. I look forward to receiving the hearing aids in month. I am very pleased with my visit.

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Ernest FALARDEAU, on Google

So glad l chose Holly's Hearing Aid Center. Selena is terrific. Receptionist very professional and polite. Will definitely refer anyone that l come in contact with if they are in need of getting their hearing checked!!

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Maxine Williams, on Google

I can't say enough about the satisfaction I felt from the incredible customer service even before becoming a customer.

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James Cleek, on Google

Thank you for providing this valuable service of hearing screening. My experience was very professional and informative.

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Marlene Cozzarin, on Google

The entire staff was AMAZING! Courtney was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and thorough. Hubby has the Starkey hearing aids and they are wonderful! Noelle is so pleasant and is a perfect fit for the reception area. We HIGHLY recommend Holly's Hearing! You won't be disappointed😊

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Janet Thirion, on Google

They are so caring.they treat my mom like she is there mom.that means so much to are family.please keep up the great work you and your staff are doing....

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Kim Ellison, on Google

We love Holly’s Hearing!!! We got excellent service and Dad is hearing so much better! However, there was miscommunication with our appt time. We have a card with 1145am and we got an anxious call at 1138 that we were late. We were actually 7 minutes early.

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linda baily, on Google

Great gals, personable w helpful options and smiles! Highly recommend! Thanks for the laughs Stefanie!!! 😉

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Jim Humberson, on Google

The best Hearing center, hands down. Stefanie and her staff. Are knowledgeable professional and top of the line. They had all my insurance information already prepared it was a most pleasant experience I've ever had. I went to the competition and was so disappointed once I came to Holly's and seeing how a real company should operate.

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Charles Bailey, on Google

Best place to go for hearing aids. Everyone who works there are always very nice, helpful and friendly. Best customer service.

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Michele Villarreal, on Google

Stefanie at Willoughby office is the best. I send everyone who needs hearing aids there. One of my friends said she loves the new bluetooth extra features. As always Stefanie went the extra mile with me. She personalized my hearing aids for meeting. Plus returned a phone call to once again explain the volume settings. THANKS Lynn

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Lynn Samas, on Google

I met with Stephanie who explained completely the tests she would administer to check my hearing. Once she completed the tests, she explained that my hearing loss was not severe enough to benefit from hearing aids. She asked that I come back in a year for a retest. I appreciated her honest evaluation of the results and that I was not pressured into buying a hearing aid. I would recommend Holly's for anyone looking for a hearing evaluation.

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Jerry Joyce, on Google

Both pairs are great, but the new pair makes the sound clearer and I love the Bluetooth option. Everything came to life with no effort from me.

Ellen M Edeburn

Via Edge Al technology is so much better, 100% and comfortable.

Susan Brochak

I really like my new hearing aids; they have a better tone. They improve my quality of life. I can understand people better. Big step up from my old hearing aids.

James A Kule

The clarity is much, much better than my other pair. The app is great, and the service is also great.

­Kevin Doherty

Winning the drawing for a hearing aid was the best gift ever! I can hear my wife and children’s voices again.

Jesse King – Madison, OH

Holly and her staff are very nice and treat me great! They really care about making sure you’re hearing better.

Gayle Tredway – Kingsville, OH

I am now able to hear conversations in noisy crowded situations. People no longer have to repeat 2 to 5 times before I understand them. Most importantly, I can now hear my wife from behind me.

Robert Erasmus – Chardon, OH

Purchasing a good, reliable hearing aid is important. But, just as important is the follow-up service provided by the hearing aid center. This is where Holly’s Hearing Aid Center excels.

C. Lantz – Ashtabula, OH

I have been wearing hearing aids for ten years. I realized I was missing out on hearing clearly and understanding conversations around me. As soon as I was fitted with the Audibel’s my world opened up again.

Frank Grace – Madison, OH

I used to think everyone in church was mumbling, and I was gradually sitting closer to the front. With my new Audibel hearing aids I can understand everything better and more clearly.

Loretta Sulzer – Chardon, OH

Ericha was able to adjust the aids so my perception and discrimination is greatly improved. This is better than the original fittings – and I’ve worn aids for 26 years.

Judith Boyer – Walton Hills, OH

I went to Holly’s Hearing and ordered hearing aids that day. They are wonderful. I can hear on the phone and in crowds. They are very comfortable and no one knows I’m wearing them. I can hear so much better and now my family says “turn the TV up a little”. I love my Audibel hearing aids.

Phyllis Kazsmer – Willowick, OH

It is a pleasure to be able to hear what my young grandchildren are saying to me. Now I am able to join in family conversations and answer people the first time they speak. I am able to hear sounds that I have not heard in years. The staff at Holly’s Hearing Aid Center has been very helpful and understanding of my concerns.

John McCauley – Eastlake, OH

My previous experience with an analog hearing aid was helpful, but not optimal. Since receiving my new digital hearing aids, I have been able to enjoy singing in the church choir, as well as hearing my family closely. This has been a very positive experience for me.

Rev. Dr. Mendle Adams

You have no idea how I felt when I put the new hearing aids in my ears. I could hear things that I didn’t hear before. I can hear my husband talk because he is soft spoken. I can hear the kids playing where I work. I can hear people mowing their lawns because I am allergic to fresh grass. I can hear music playing, people talking and hear my own car running. I do not have to turn the TV up loud. It is so wonderful to be able to hear everything.

Lucy Morris – Eastlake, OH

I am so very happy with my hearing aids. I had been concerned for some time about decreased in what I thought was my left ear, but testing showed that both ears were involved. The appliances are everything I could have wanted. They are very light and practically invisible.

Stefanie is the epitome of professionalism and warmth of personality.

I would strongly recommend “The Practice” to set your hearing concerns at ease. I wish I had done it sooner.

Janet Cika – Euclid, OH

I had forgotten how good hearing sounded until I started wearing my new hearing aids. The staff at Holly’s Hearing Aid Center have gone beyond my expectations to make the transition to hearing again a wonderful experience. I really don’t know what took me so long to take the plunge to invest in a modern version for this Grandpa. Good show dear people, good show. I am a very grateful customer.

Richard Lizer – Eastlake, OH

I thought my diminished hearing was a problem that I was facing alone. I had no idea that it was affecting everyone around me, especially my wife. I never realized how much it was upsetting her. That is until she talked me into a hearing test at Holly’s Hearing Aid Center. As it turned out, my hearing needed a lot of help. My wife was sold on the hearing aids before I had gotten used to them on my ears. Now I can hear every word she says to me and life has gotten much more pleasant for the both of us. Thank you Holly’s Hearing Aid Center.

John Ross – Willowick, OH

I can hear now at my club meetings even with lots of noises going on. In the car I am able to have conversations with all passengers, even the ones behind me. My wife says the TV and GPS volume are lower and I can hear the turn signals again. I can even hear the phone ringing at a normal level now! Holly’s Hearing Center spoke to me a several different community events including the Home and Garden show. I am so glad Holly’s Hearing Center invited me in to the office and I Finally decided to try hearing aids.

David Sulecki – Chardon, OH

When I go out to eat, I can now hear what my friends are saying. They also tell me I am more involved in our conversations. I am shocked at how well I am hearing in a crowd compared to my old hearing aids.

Shirley Wilkinson – Ashtabula, OH

I recommend Holly’s Hearing Aid Center for your hearing needs. I missed out on hearing my family and struggled hearing my customers at work. Holly’s Hearing Aid Center has changed my life by fitting me with hearing aids. Now I can hear! Thank you Holly’s Hearing Aid Center.

Julie Hollis – Ashtabula, OH

As a Veteran, I find getting my hearing aids locally is much more convenient for me. The staff at Holly’s Hearing Aid Center is friendly and knowledgeable. I can’t believe how well I can hear my wife and tv. The quality is great because it’s automatic and crystal clear.

Alfred Lewis – Ashtabula, OH

The service at Holly’s Hearing Aid Center is wonderful and the staff is always willing to help. With my new hearing aids in, I am no longer blasting people out of the room while watching TV. The television volume has gone down in my house from 40 to 15!!!! I find my new hearing aids to be very easy to use and very comfortable.

Fred Shook – Ashtabula, OH

My family appreciates not having to repeat conversations. The hearing aids feel so comfortable I don’t even know I am wearing them, and neither does anyone else! Holly and her staff provide exceptional customer service.

Eileen Hosler – Ashtabula, OH

Before going to Holly’s Hearing Aid Center, I had gone to two other places. As soon as the test was over, those places started pressuring me to buy hearing aids. It seemed that they did not care about me or take the time to check on any coverage through my insurance. While at the Lake County Fair, I saw the Holly’s Hearing Aid Center booth. I stopped and talked to Stefanie. She was so nice and answered all of my questions. While at my appointment, my insurance was checked on, and I did in fact have coverage. I bought my hearing aids from Stefanie with no pressure at all. I was treated very well. Thanks to the staff, they were very professional, dedicated and had compassion for all my needs.

Jim Vinci, Willoughby, OH